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Article: A New Creative Direction for Forbes

A New Creative Direction for Forbes

A New Creative Direction for Forbes

The fashion industry is no stranger to the constant evolution of trends, tastes, and business strategies. In a move that reflects the dynamism of this industry, FORBES is redefining the world of designer ready-to-wear fashion and high-end suit tailoring. Our brand new super-site promises to bring an exciting blend of contemporary style and timeless elegance to fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Forbes Bespoke Tailoring and Forbes Luxury Streetwear are iconic brands in their own right. Forbes Luxury Streetwear is celebrated for its modern and street-savvy designs, catering to those who seek the latest trends and urban chic. On the other hand, Forbes Bespoke Tailoring is synonymous with the timeless art of creating impeccably tailored suits, where every stitch speaks of luxury and tradition. Known to many as the official tailoring suppliers of Celtic Football Club and countless footballing and celebrity stars such as Casemiro, Tyson Fury, Vincent Kompany, Bugzy Malone and many, many more.

What to Expect

  1. A Wider Range of Styles: The new creative direction means that fashion enthusiasts will now have access to an eclectic array of styles, from the latest streetwear trends to impeccably tailored suits. Whether you're looking for a casual, edgy look or a classic and sophisticated appearance, the new super-site will have you covered.

  2. Bespoke Customisation: Forbes Bespoke Tailoring's hallmark of customisation will still be a core feature. This means that customers can have the best of both worlds by personalising their tailored pieces via the bookable consultations on our site. It's about giving you the power to define your style, no matter how unique or refined it may be.

  3. Quality and Craftsmanship: Forbes is renowned for its commitment to quality. Whether you're investing in a high-end suit or streetwear attire, you can trust that the craftsmanship and materials used will be of the highest standard. This synergy promises to uphold these high standards in all their offerings.

  4. Elevated Shopping Experience: The new super-site will offer a seamless shopping experience. Navigating the site, discovering new collections, and personalising your purchases will be more convenient and user-friendly than ever.

Forbes' brand new direction is more than just a business venture; it's a game-changer for the fashion industry. The traditional boundaries between casual and formal attire are blurring, reflecting the changing attitudes and lifestyle choices of the modern consumer.

This direction underscores the broader trend of inclusivity and personalization in fashion. It recognizes that today's consumers want it all, and they want it on their terms. With Forbes' super-site, they can indulge in the full spectrum of style, effortlessly transitioning from the office to the streets without compromising on quality or individuality.

This is a milestone moment for the Forbes brand. It's a celebration of our history the ever-changing landscape of style. It's an exciting moment for fashion enthusiasts, as we witness the birth of a new era in designer fashion and bespoke tailoring, all under one virtual roof. Get ready to redefine your style and embrace the future of fashion with Forbes.

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